Watch 鉄腕アトム [S01E01] - The Birth Of Astro Boy



Dr Boynton is so driven by his work as a robot engineer thst he neglects his promise to spend time with his son Toby at an amusement park. As Toby leaves the park, he is caught in a traffic collision. Before dying, Toby has his father promise him to make the new robot in his image and treat it like a son. Overcome with grief, Boynton completes the project and brings "Toby" to life. Unknown to Dr Boynton, a shady criminal called Skunk stole the plans for "Toby" and plans to make a robot of his own with a new circuit known as the Omega Factor.

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Video Quality: HD
IMDB Rate: N/A
Genres: N/A
Year: 1980
Country: N/A
Language: Japanese
Run Time: 24 Min